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Microsoft Strategic Alliance

Cloud, IoT, and Analytics in The Connected Enterprise

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The Rockwell Automation and Microsoft strategic alliance helps you accelerate innovation for your operations technology (OT) and information technology (IT) teams. Understand the value of contemporary technology implementation and how to engage with all stakeholders across your enterprise for productive dialogue. New business models, new ways to achieve success from existing equipment and processes, and improved productivity is the focus of our collaboration.

Partnering to Solve Your Business Challenges

Rockwell Automation and Microsoft are co-innovating in technology and information solutions. Together our efforts enable you to simplify the use and lower the cost of manufacturing system ownership. By making better use of your assets with a connected enterprise, you can build a more competitive and profitable business.

Analytics and Industrial Operations Intelligence

Contextual Information at Every Level of Your Production

Scalable analytics provides the right data to the right person at the right time for machine operators, plant floor supervisors, operations managers, and machine builders. Collaboration between Microsoft and Rockwell Automation enables manufacturing information systems and services to transform your raw data into useful and actionable analytics. The result is improved industrial productivity in your plant or across your fleet of machines.

Learn How to Improve Your Manufacturing Intelligence

Collaboration Tools for Team Enablement

Share Team Knowledge for Better Decisions

The co-innovation of Rockwell Automation and Microsoft can increase your team productivity on collaboration platforms that uses advanced technology from both companies. Reduce mean time to repair (MTTR) by instantly enabling your teams to collaborate in context with automation device data. It is tailored for industrial use and available for different types of mobile devices.

Learn More About FactoryTalk TeamONE Productivity Application

Remote Monitoring to Improve Asset Performance

Simple, Secure Connectivity Minimizes Risk and Maximizes Productivity

Optimize your operations and prevent costly downtime events with a simple and secure approach to help monitor equipment and collect performance analytics. See how well your assets work and receive alerts when performance falls outside of acceptable performance standards. Rockwell Automation leverages Azure, Power BI, and streaming analytics from Microsoft to deliver secure asset performance management and remote monitoring services globally.

Learn About Our Remote Monitoring and Analytics Approach

Scalable Manufacturing Execution Systems

Workflow, Collaboration, and Tracking Scaled to Fit Your Needs

Tap into scalable applications that use Power BI from Microsoft and machine learning to address specific manufacturing challenges like quality, machine performance and track/trace, and genealogy. Solutions can start at the machine, line, or work-area level with one application. As your strategy grows, these solutions provide minimal infrastructure requirements, and scale to an integrated MES solution.

Learn How to Connect, Manage and Validate Your Production
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